Q: If you sell swing doors, why do you not have a selection of different swing door hinges and hardware?

A: We manufacture swing door panels; but we do not have hinges and hardware.


Q: Do you stock what you sell?

A: We stock the products that are in regular demand and have quick turnaround times for most items.


Q: Do I have to have an account before buying from DRW?

A: An existing account is not required, although an account must be setup within our system with the necessary billing and shipping information.  A valid credit card is also required to process the order.


Q: Are your swing door panels made in North America or offshore?

A: Our swing door panels are made in our Ply-Metal plant in Akron N.Y. and constructed of 7-ply North American produced lumber.


Q: Is there a minimum order size requirement?

A: Yes, we request that orders have a minimum value of $50 (before tax and shipping).


Q: If an item is out of stock, what is the typical lead time to fulfill an order?

A: The typical lead time is 4 weeks but varies pending product availability.


Q: Are there any price breaks on high-volume orders?

A: Depending on the product there may be volume based price breaks available.  Please inquire with your local DRW representative or our customer service team when placing an order about where volume price breaks may be in effect.


For additional information please feel free to call our customer service department at 1-800-773-4450

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